Do not use Australia of cheap new technology fiber-optic link becomes the whole world the most expensive one of

In report will occupy new network on July 5 Australia network coverage, an industry expert expresses on senatorial committee meeting, as a result of national broadband network (NBN) did not use cheaper new technology, your Australia makes the whole world

fiber-optic to door (one of countries with the most expensive charge of FTTP) network connection.

According to the report, expert of Melbourne university telecommunications and professor tower gram express, average price is Australian FTTP connective every user 4405 bay yuan, the average price of Lan Yumei country is Dan Xinxi only 2677 bay yuan reach 2259 bay yuan.

Tower gram says, “Calculating still is not the whole world is the most expensive at present, FTTP promotion cost of Australia also will make a whole world highest. ” he thinks, FTTP connection charge of Australia such tall because do not use newest technology,be.

As we have learned, be in the United States, at the beginning of Verison of telecommunications operation business begins to extend fiber-optic network with Spain in France already cost halve, and operation business Orange is more annual cost cut 10% . than below, “Network of Australian country broadband claims however cost is fixed ” .

Tower gram points out, because cost is lower and ” without rigidder construction standard ” , the FTTP join fare of a lot of developing countries is lower than Australia.

“Data shows, a lot of states that have gross domestic product of tall average per capita like Australia, the cost of network of its deploy FTTP considerably under Australia. ” tower gram says.

Nevertheless, national broadband network does not have what overcome to the tower to censure make a response. Spokesman of national broadband network express

es, “The freeboard cost that links in FTTP of arrange of each the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China is basic and all country use mixture technology to realize more expensive web fast reason. Cannot realize the small country of FTTP network so from Singapore, go to the United States and Canada such big country, using mixture technology, we do no less than of place same. We do no less than of place same..

As we have learned, in the starting ceremonially of network of Australian country broadband, ceng Chengnuo of government of predecessor the Labour Party, no matter expense is how old, will come true 93% cover the FTTP link of rate, the rest will be enclothed by satellitic network.


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