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Month of Colombo Page

11 of sri lanka website 19 days of cite " Namibia person signs up for " the report says, chinese plan builds 18 naval base in the area of the indian ocean that includes sri lanka inside, " Namibia person signs up for " say, chinese class holds sri lanka in the palm tower harbor is one of naval base that China plans to build in north of the indian ocean, additionally its still plan to be mixed in Pakistan Burmese make naval base.

According to England website of weekly of matters pertaining to defense of brief family name reports 19 days, " Namibia person signs up for " say in the report, china is planning in Namibia the bay builds Woerweisi naval supply base. The report calls Namibia commander of spokesman of national defence army, army Kaxiya weighs Mo Ni, she has noticed this issue, high level of two countries of the accept in believing is discussing this issue.

Report cite China media reports, listed the haven of 18 the indian ocean that to 19 China hopes to build base of overseas strategy supply, say these haven are supply, anchor and maintenance base. Chinese media coverage says, china should build these base, it is to stem from with mutual benefit of relevant country mutually beneficial, friendly negotiation end, emphasize these base be different from the martial base of American type.

This report caused sensation in sri lanka parliament. Main opposition assemblyman breaths out sri lanka Xierwa is in Shade the question that sri lanka raised to whether sign this kind of any agreements with China with respect to this report on congress.

Nevertheless, lu Mo of sri lanka

department of defense and director of center of urban progress media, brigadier is being accepted when interviewing, refuting Hanbantuoda is the view of Chinese naval base. He points out, naval base of China is impossible to be built secretly, anybody can see this kind of building whether hold tower harbor in the palm to begin construction in Chinese class.

" Namibia person signs up for " the report says, chinese general is mixed in Djibouti, Yemen, Oman, Kenya, Tanzania Mozambique, Seychelles and Madagascar and other places build base, the bay also will become the Woerweisi of Namibia one of 18 naval base that China plans to build.


 Chinese man Malaysia holds a gun inside field of pisciculture of Sha Ba city kidnapper kidnap


In new network report will report 22 days according to Afp on August 22, diplomatic message personage says, libyan leader blocks Za Fei " likelihood " in the Li Bo that still is located in a capital in its the Aqiqiya around (inside the official mansions of military camp of Bab Al- Aziziya) .

Earlier the message when says, near the official mansions in Ka Zafei's Li Bo 22 days some earlier moment comes out intense fight sound.

The report before this points to, military camp is in the Aqiqiya that blocks place of the official mansions that plunge into phenanthrene after north spreads out interpose of pair of Libyan large-scale military affairs to act about, it is one of main goals that north arranges bomb of opportunity for combat all the time. North ever was pointed to to attempt to come through increasing air attack strength accordingly about " killing " Kazafei.

Arm in 22 days of Libyan opposition announce to razzia in the Li Bo of the capital and when raid blocks

Za Fei, beautiful, flower, the western country such as law, heart make make known one's position, urge Kazafeili namely nonofficeholding.

Libyan opposition " the whole nation transfers committee " the committee member also expresses, in entered Li Bo hind, opposition arms to plunging into phenanthrene beyond ministry to fight with card at present, launch the raid to Kazafei at the same time. Opposition still expresses, ka Zafei's cornstalk and second child already all was a


Still not be clear that Kazafei is in He Fang personally at present. He ever published an address 21 days, in the Li Bo that appeals the Libyan is surrounded, say oneself won't leave Libyan, oath continues to resist.

Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_ctt

Login register Korea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be united with respect to the peninsula put forward means of war of federal republic plan to already won'ted do origin: ? Heir Lian?2014-10-14 09:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The peninsula is unified, korea offers program of republic of Gaoli democracy federal, han Fang is carried out actively heart is tired this conception. Two gong that each does things in his own way, won't knock after all nod in on. The outlet of Korea peninsula, warlike kind already was won'ted do by card, that can be in only unite next implementation with what make the same score independently, but crucial point is own.

Korea government can hold plenary session of unified preparation committee 13 days the 2nd times, with respect to face Han the concern grows circumstance, country to unite a problem to undertake discussion. Korea builds the appeal of republic of Gaoli democracy federal 10 days to should be the consideration.

Soldiers of 38 on-line face Han

Uniting is core problem

Republic of Gaoli democracy federal Jin Richeng offerred this country name 1980. October 10 is Jin Richeng puts forward Korea peninsula to unite plan 34 anniversary day, according to the unified plan of Korea respect, implement unified best measure as soon as possible, be build federal to make a state for the foundation with two kinds of an a nation, country, systems and two governments.

Memorandum puts forward, make federally uniting is not to go after any one party austral north advantage and interest, incorrect any one party create the most aboveboard unified strategy with harm, acceptability both sides.

Korea motherland peace unites committee to say, korea party and government are in go 30 years, to realize this plan pour into rich single-hearted tries hard, appeal Korea, Korea is mixed now all abroad brethren, be in historic " south north collective and enunciative " below banner, launch the fight of solidarity to realize the unity that makes federally.

Came 15 days on June 13, 2000, day of Korea leader Jin Zheng and Korea president Jin Dazhong are held in smooth soil historic meet, sign " south north collective and enunciative " , han weighing face will solve a country to unite a problem independently.

Unite the core problem that is face Han relation, it is masterstroke. Other issue is edge branch minor details. When Asia-Pacific of courtyard of Chinese company division and Piao Jian of researcher of global strategy academy accept our newspaper reporter to interview, say.

Korea government appeals Korea makes means implementation unite with federal to whether be being accepted for many times make make known one's position. Can say, the tentative plan that makes federally is Korea it is important that the core content that concerns unified plan is mixed appeal to beg.

Korea attack in order to defend

The high level of face Han two countries that You Yayun diplomacy facilitates is contacted, make the central point that pays close attention to about country and international mainstream media in last few days, toward Han two countries implementation reconciles and final trend is united, it is good fortune to face Han two countries and area country people.

But the thing is not so simple. 10 days, toward Han Shuangfang happening firearm each other attacks incident, face square also the balloon handbill of dispatch duty Han Fang destroys high-level talk atmosphere.

Why does Korea choose to be in phonate right now? Party school of Central Committee of Communist Party of China teachs piece of Lian marvellous to accept the analysis when interviewing, this also is united in the peninsula thick and fast with Korea of this paragraph of time make known this position to concern on the problem, korea needs to give out his sound.

Korea president Piao Jinhui will be in Germany on March 28 heart is tired this when industrial university addresses, put forward to aim the 3 big plan that compose proposes peace to unite a foundation. Include among them preferential the humanitarian problem that solves Han day resident, for Han Chao joint prosperity compose builds infrastructure of the people's livelihood, restore the self-identity between Han day resident to feel. Korea government establishs unified preparation committee technically still.

Korea is a little passive on unified problem. The marvellous analyses Zhang Lian, the unified plan that takes Jin Richeng at this moment says a thing is attack in o

rder to defend, benefit of hope plain Jin makes known his position on unified problem.

From the analysis on setting, the setting that face just offers this proposal also with when golden day is become at that time, have place is same. After Korea war, korea in the beginning has an advantage, but go up century after 70 time, korea begins to be in economically hair force, exceed Korea instead on comprehensive strength gradually. At the beginning of 80 time, jin Richeng offers the unified program that makes federally, it is to adopt defend posture, prevent to be eaten off by Korea. Comprehensive strength is right now comparative, korea occupies very large dominant position, be in especially diplomatic respect. At this moment Korea respect takes out this plan very valuable. The marvellous analyses Zhang Lian.

Piao Jinhui's heart is tired this conception also is the statement that continuance K

orea government considers 3 paragraphs actually. Presidential Li Mingbo ever had put forward 3 phase to unite plan 2010 before, namely peaceful community, economy community, nation community.

Face Han concerns at that time so deadlocked, do not have uniform requirement at all. Piao Jian is analysed. The analysis thinks, only economic community feels disgusted with respect to what cause Korea. Korea thinks Korea is to be in all the time do peaceful evolution. Piao Jian says.

Piao Jinhui's heart is tired this conception also is advocated to absorb to want by condemnation of committee of Korea national defence unified, it is the fallacy of fantastic unfounded.

Strike the gong that is less than one case

Korea called a word, how is Korea responded to? Can you accept this one plan of Korea?

Korea won't be accepted. Zhang Lian marvellous decides. The plan of Korea and Korea is decided around the strategic interest with respective move.

The unified program of Korea offers 34 years ago, although passed so long, case of this one party never has gotten be responsed actively of Korea. Korea also has his unified plan, both sides strikes each gong each, bit be absent at the same place.

Somebody is this plan understanding of Korea simply one nation, zhang Lian marvellous is not agreed with, the premise of one nation is administration has enough actual strength and self-confidence, the area can execute high autonomy, but what Korea place carries is nominal federally.

And Korea view builds the federal with close together higher rate to make a state. By this token, the footing difference that goes up in unified problem toward Han Shuangfang is great.

Where is the road of unified future toward Han? Korea war already proved, warlike method is not desirable. Piao Jian is analysed. Jin Richeng once put forward, korea peninsula must be united, both sides tells each each, pass impossibly. Can pass only toward Han Shuangfang talk things over, what achieve own peace finally is unified. The mainest is own two words, piao Jian emphasizes.

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