American female assemblyman sends long mobile phone to be worked in the same place to get naked surround according to 2 million person view

According to website of American online company (AOL.

) will report on July 14, american political field reemerges peachy incident.

Si Taixi general pulls congressman of the Democratic Party before Sijite (the assistant of Stacey Plasket) installs Maikalemu why (Juan McCullum) and Louis of much Lun Bulang (Dorene Browne-Louis) from its, on the Facebook that shared false account, get exceeding 2 million times surrounding watching.

The report says, maikalemu of 35 years old is to helping Pulasijite’s IPhone send these pictures that when repairing, get.

Louis is accused to know wheat blocks those who strap Mu to defame assemblyman to plan, deleted relevant short message intentionally however and do in the court perjured.

Current, congress police is already preliminary arrested two people, colombian district court i

s in farther cognizance.

Inquisitor office expresses, cloggy judicatory blame may be sentenced 20 years of imprisonment. [reporter Cha Xi]

Responsibility edits: Ling Qin Li


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