U.N. secretary-general sighs alleviate cling to will hold urgent meeting with condition Security Council

Login register secretary-general of U.N. of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to sigh alleviate cling to will hold: of urgent meeting source with condition Security Council? ?2017-07-23 17:5 of huge rock of discharge  contraction7 Http://www.mnw.cn/

In report will occupy new network on July 23 outside intermediary report, local time 21 days erupt Palestinian and conflict of Israel soldiers and police, cause at least 3 cling to after the person dies, jerusalem old city produces new strife 22 days again. Guteleisi

condemns U.N. secretary-general newest assault incident, security Council will hold urgent meeting at 24 days.

Say according to Ministry of Public Health of Afp cite Palestine, a Palestine youth of 17 years old, 22 days are in with Israel soldiers and police in confronting each other, get shot, do not treat subsequently die.

Palestinian and Israel soldiers and police erupt conflict. (picture origin: Reuter)

3 Palestinians die 21 days in the conflict with Israel soldiers and police. And same day, a Palestinian enters Jordan the bank breaths out rummy assorted on the w

est (Halamish) an other people, with Dao Meng thorn is in domestic member, cause 3 people death, 1 person is injured.

Israel is legionary 21 days nightly the Palestinian abode that makes a surprise attack to initiating to 22 days of early morning launchs air attack, israel army spokesman says, the brother of this Palestinian is arrested, the weapon is captured. Initiate the Palestinian of assault to be mauled in assault, the village that Israel army blocked this Palestinian is in.

The report says, france, Sweden and Egypt appeal U.N. Security Council is aimed at Jerusalem force to upgrade 22 days spread out urgent meeting.

U.N. secretary-general Guteleisi.

Occupy Afp message additionally, turkey president Aierduoan censures Israel security armed forces 22 days, in Jerusalem in the conflict of sensitive the Holy land ” excessive ” use armed strength. Aierduoan makes a statement say: “I should condemn Israel to ignore a warning, armed strength of Israel army overspend. Armed strength of Israel army overspend..

Additional, guteleisi also condemns U.N. secretary-general on the west the newest assault incident of bank happening. Guteleisi makes a statement through the spokesman, express to express sympathy and solicitude for to the family that loses a dear one, the person that wish recovers at an early date. Guteleisi appeals everybody avoids to adopt any likelihoods to cause the action that queasy condition upgrades further again, or publish similar one’s words.

The violent condition that old to Jerusalem city still is developing Guteleisi ceaselessly expresses to be deeply concerned. He appeals Israel and Palestine leader do not adopt a likelihood to cause the action that condition upgrades further, appeal all politics, religion and community leader help alleviate tight situation.

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