European Union, Turkey is curule Brussels meets ” each say each word “

Brussels of China News Service on July 25 report (reporter Shen Chen) official of high level of European U

nion, Turkey meets 25 days in Brussels of seat of European Union headquarters, the opinion on the core topic for discussion that adds European Union requirement in Turkey as a result of both sides is skimble-scamble, both sides can is immersed in only ” each say each word ” awkward condition.

Turkey minister of foreign affairs just Wushenao Lu and the ministerial Qielike that are in charge of European Union general affairs met that day European Union dipl

omacy and safe policy are high on behalf of Mogailini and European Union interior policy and outspread negotiation committee member make an appointment with the Si Haen inside writing.

The Yaohanneisi Haen that basically is in charge of Turkey joining general affairs of European Union negotiation the attitude is tough, turkey is criticized in the open circumstance of the press conference. If want to join an European Union,he points out Turkey, must be in ” human rights, law, democratic, media is free ” etc headway is gained on main demand, accord with the condition of the European Union.

Just Lu is opposite Wushenao of Yaohanneisi Haen ” criticism ” made strong response. Turkey minister of foreign affairs points out, those so called journalist, it is to be being helped actually terroristic, turkey government is necessary completely to have trial to them.

European Union diplomacy and safe policy are high the attitude that represents Mogailini alleviates relatively. This palm door person of general affairs of European Union diplomacy points out, two high level officials and European Union are in Turkey the view that the many sided such as diplomacy and area policy has solidarity, both sides is in of purpose a lot of topic for discussion such as economy, safety spreads out collaboration.

Mogailini admits, turkey and European Union are on a few problems the viewpoint is abhorrent, but this not cloggy both sides is in a few otherer collective site is sought on the topic for discussion.

Latter period of time, turkey and European Union the upper and lower teeth not meeting properly on the problem that its join league ceaseless. When British media is being accepted to interview before long before Turkey president Aierduoan, say, the European Union is in admit Turkey to relapse into the manner on alliance problem, it is to be in ” wasteful time ” .

Turkey applied for to join an European Union 1987, gained Hou Xuanguo competence 1999, started alliance negotiation 2005, heretofore still has the multinomial condition that join league to did not amount to mark. Country of member of a few European Unions oppugns Turkey democratization process and human rights problem not to accord with European Union viewpoint of value.


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