Melbourne 3 years old of girl ” language piece breathtaking ” : Reject to go out without mother beauty

In report will occupy new network on July 26 Australia network coverage, bo Zhuli shellfish blocks Melbourne vogue (Rebecca Judd) has a place recently ” irritated ” , because of Li of daughter green jade (the appearance that Billie) appears to pay attention to his too, green jade Li is met to lens medium oneself are big growl, cold-shoulder oneself insufficient beauty; Also can reject to go out together with mom have a meal, because feel mother is more beautiful than oneself.

The reason that beautiful Bei Ka worries about is, green jade Li ability is mere 3 years old just, still be a child.

Li Bei of 34 years old blocks the mom that is 4 children, also be Melbourne at the same time a fashionable rich advocate. Recently, beautiful Bei Ka stated on gregarious media to oneself 3 years old of daughters green jade of Li anxious. Because green jade Li is valued more and more to his appearance, have a place even ” infatuated ” .

One of these day, station of green jade Li uses comb mad comb before the mirror, abrupt she to lens medium oneself give out rave, because she is dissatisfactory oneself curl. Green jade Li says to mom: “Mom, I do not like my hair, the hair that I think to let them follow you is euqally straight straight. The hair that I think to let them follow you is euqally straight straight..

Beautiful Bei Ka expresses: “Baby, straight hair can be pulled when I work, but my hair

itself also is to follow you to coil euqally coil. ” Dan Bili appears and did not listen go in.

Family prepares to go out have dinner, the family arrives doorway, green jade Li did not go suddenly, she says: “Mom, I cannot have dinner, because you are more beautiful than me too much. ” beautiful Bei Ka exclamations: “She just 3 years old ah! “She just 3 years old ah!!

Final, beautiful Bei Ka and marital decision undertake introductory appropriately, let be enmeshed in ” ego appearance is vortical ” the green jade Li in goes.

The friend Kitty that Li Bei blocks expresses, all these should blame the likelihood beautiful Beika is too beautiful. Kitty speaks: “Bei Ka, day, you

must defame yourself, your fine-looking harm green jade Li. Your fine-looking harm green jade Li..

And beautiful Bei Ka replies: “I know! Nevertheless she does not have time to see a mobile phone almost, also the program that not very sees those pay attention to appearance, this after all why? This after all why??

Kitty replies: “You are in the home when cannot too ‘ ego ‘ , otherwise green jade Li can think ‘ my Mom is too beautiful also ‘ . Otherwise green jade Li can think ‘ my Mom is too beautiful also ‘ ..

Beautiful Beika holds to a reply to say: “But I do not have hey! I am in what the home does not make up, element colour uncomely. Element colour uncomely..

To this, a few netizens express ” have its mother surely its female ” , state Li Bei gets stuck to note his figure overly, just bring about the child to have unbalanced aesthetic view.


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