The belle did not cut hair circle 14 years to bet make an appointment with golden hair to wave wave attract 218 thousand vermicelli made from bean starch

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Original title: The belle did not cut hair long hair 14

years to already reached a waist, who is married but good?

[the belle did not cut hair; 14 years because betted with the friend] Da Liya of belle of a Russia (Daria Gubanova) because be betted,make an appointment with, do not cut hair hind 14 years in all previous classics, a thick brunet hair hanged down almost now ankle, she had turned the long hair in reality into the princess.

According to ” daily Post ” 25 days of reports, this girl of 27 years old lives in Buddhist nun of carat of A Ertai of the south in Russia the city of Er of Ba Er Nao of the area (Barnaul) , she says, she won’t she makes clip then the person’s impressive long hair, achieve her toe till it.

14 years ago, da Liya begins the hair since harbour, a friend bets at that time the hair that says her grows not quite longly, cannot make up braid. Thenceforth rises, she had not looked for her hairstyle division again, she begins to make a hair free grow. Now, what make a person fab as a result of her is outside, she is known as the length of actual edition to send a princess. Da Liya’s hair has 6 feet in estimation now (1.5 meters) long. She has more than 218 thousand vermicelli made from bean starch on gregarious media, these admirer hope follow her footstep, harbour has a long hair.

There is the picture that many pieces of 600 Ling Renyan admire on Da Liya’s Instagram, these photographs got faithful vermicelli made from bean starch people praise. Ne

tizen _mom_alena_ says: I admire you to wear the hair so longly very much. I also am in try harbour hair, but should achieve this length, still have time of 5 years at least. Netizen Lm0357 complements: You still have a schoolgirl to write like a goddess: You let me remember child of a Bobby. I love everything your. Hold on.

Another netizen says: My friend watched your video to me on Facebook, I just want to tell you, I am very infatuate to your hair. It is such beauty. Although Da Liya had obtained vermicelli made from bean starch people enough praise, but she also made a response to suggesting her alms hair goes doing the person of hairpiece before those. Now my target is, go to harbour of this long hair can touch toe.

After all this every day shampoo?

Consider to discover according to newest science, every day the health that shampoo can maintain a hair not only, clean, also give person sanitation neat good figure, but this does not suit everybody.

Compare dry person originally to the hair for, every day shampoo can wash grease of sebaceous glands excretive thoroughly, cause a hair to be damaged or drop, adverse to hair health instead.

The expert thinks, the frequency of shampoo should work according to what individual difference, season and place are engaged in and decide, cannot treat as the same, machine-made. The individual situation of everybody is different, should inspect particular case and talk.

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