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更新时间:2022年01月18日 21:02

武汉真正可以约的appLogin register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " blue fim tuna " is submergence deepness exceeded set 6 hours to be forced to return to base beforehand (video) origin: ?  tries know well?2014-04-15 15:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] " blue fim tuna " after working 6 hours, because submergence deepness is exceeded,set beforehand, rose to surface.

The U.S. Army enables own underwater aircraft to search for MH370

On April 14, australia " marine aegis " date announces to enable " blue fim tuna - 21 " aircraft of own style underwater undertakes deep-sea search for

Ma Hang breaks couplet plane MH370 search for the job to had entered the 39th day, as a result of successive 6 days fail to diagnose underwater pulse signal, australia " marine aegis " date local time disuse daggle sound wave will locate on April 14 appearance, the United States is enabled " blue fim tuna " own underwater aircraft undertakes deep-sea search for. Will report on April 14 according to American Colombia Broadcasting Corporation, "Blue fim tuna " be in south after maritime space of the indian ocean works 6 hours, because submergence deepness is exceeded,set beforehand, its safe device is started and rose to surface.

As we have learned, "Blue fim tuna - aircraft of underwater of 21" own style plans to be in formerly south what maritime space of the indian ocean undertakes is as long as 16 hours is deep-sea seek the job. But bay just search for combination to coordinate a center to say in statement, because its submergence exceeds 15000 feet (4500 meters) the biggest deepness, "Tuna " inside buy safety is started, rise to surface namely after working 6 hours thereby, in 6 hours of data that collect are being extracted and be being analysed.

This center also expresses, if weather situation allows, "Blue fim tuna " will restore on April 15 local time deep-sea seek the job. Search for a branch to think, if MH370 is in crash of this maritime space, its debris is in very likely " blue fim tuna - 21 " inside limits of the biggest dive. (the dream is true)

"Blue fim tuna - aircraft of underwater of 21" own style plans to be in formerly south what maritime space of the indian ocean undertakes is as long as 16 hours is

eep-sea seek the job

On one page reads related indication full text of 123 one page: Photograph of Mao Xiaofeng wife: 80 hind did two people of 4 lines young star marry 2012 (pursue) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 do 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


 The world is the fattest children: India it is difficult that weight of 9 years old of girls gets up 92 kilograms

 Bear the palm of high official position of Deng of list of bear the palm of Nobel chemistry prize forecasted equipment to get attention 2014

This morning 9 when the left and right sides, in G15 Shen Hai high speed goes to Zhejiang direction, stand by Shanghai elder brother to stand hand in a section

of a highway, 7 cars pileup, among them 2 cars are damaged badly. This a section of a highway suffers expressway for a time.

As we have learned, zhejiang is gone to in high speed of G15 Shenyang sea when the accident on directional driveway, stand by Shanghai elder brother to stand hand in a section of a highway. Car of road of the ahead when the accident relatively, wagon flow decelerate stops. Because follow a car the distance is close, cause pileup of 7 car happening. Among them 2 cars are damaged by around converging attack serious, 1 person is by card inside the car. Policeman, fire control, 120 drive the spot to processing, rescue them, misfortune of the person that affirm dies. 7 cars that pileup is damaged a string big of askew, held 2 driveway, on area of many meters of 10 around area besprent crash relic of car a r

eplacement and cullet. The accident brings about this a section of a highway to embrace.

Dense fog day, fog is thick recently, visibility is poorer, car chases after end accident ceaseless. Speed is fast it is the main reason that causes traffic accident accident. The policeman reminds driver friend, dense fog day put slow speed to make sure drive a vehicle is safe certainly recently. (reporter Lin Heping)

 Beijing of Russia president general, Sinuodeng obtains Nobel peace prize to nominate [graph]

 Flower archives announces thousands of to UFO witnesses incident to report or offend doubt



According to people network news, be pregnant when Kandabeidakeer is 24 Indian woman years old, because of ectopic pregnancy bellyacke is become hard, take bit of drug casually, a few month hind did not ache to end up with nothing def

inite. Unexpectedly, the bellyacke after 36 years breaks out again, just discover in those days fetal still be in the abdomen, leave a pair only skeletal.

After Dakeer was pregnant 1978, because of bellyacke go to a doctor, the doctor says to her at that time, fetal outside the uterus development grows, cannot survive almost. Dakeer fears operation, answered the village to look for a small clinic, treat abdominal pain through be not operation method. After a few months, abdomen aches no longer, dakeer thinks the problem is solved.

Unexpectedly, after 36 years, cross a cycle of sixty years year bellyacke of tower gram Er breaks out again, and ache continuously.

England " daily Post " the word report of Muerdazaahedaer of doctor of 21 days of cite: She complains abdomen aches continuously, micturition also has difficulty, return companion to have high fever. We are in her (abdomen) on the right side of discover bump, concern is malignant tumor, scanning discovers later is a pair of maturity actually fetal skeletal, wrap up is in bursa of a calcify.

Scanning result shows, calcification bursa is located in between path of uterus, bowel and bladder, sticking these splanchnic organs closely. Another doctor Mohammed A says Younusisha, the amniotic fluid that protects embryo may be absorbed, fetal parenchyma produces calcification as time elapse, stay only a packet of skeleton and a few liquids.

Ahedaer says: This may be the ectopic pregnancy with the longest time on the world. Ahedaer and work in the same placing consult in medical literature similar case, discover a Belgian woman ever produced similar case, ectopic pregnancy 18 years.

Doctors had used an operation for Dakeershi, move except fetal and skeletal.

"Rich division bethel " be suspected of making Nigeria interlink number of explosive case death or increase again

City of Qiao Si of metropolis of Nigeria highland city is in the market 20 days to produce serial explosion to make a surprise attack. Local lash-up branch affirms, already discovered 118 bodies, dead number may lift further.

Police concludes, "Rich division bethel " be suspected of making raid. Official of a few U.N. confirms, nigeria government already requested U.N. Security Council to organize this one extreme qualitative be organized for horror and implement sanction to it.

The new Abugu that this interlink assault produces in Qiao Si downtown the market, because city place is in Netherlands to be Teerminasi, call Teerminasi the market again consequently.

"This is the lively a sector of an area of Qiao Si urban district. " admire says the Si Aolake in gram of commissioner of downy city police station, "The first explosion happening is in 15 when the left and right sides, the 2nd explosion happening is in 15 when 30 minutes or so, people is together at that time deliverance the wounded. People is together at that time deliverance the wounded..

Assault gimmick model

Kingsley Aigebo confirms officer of particularly secure army, two simple and easy exploder hide in a lorry and a small-sized minibus respectively.

According to the view of Reuter, this is typical horrible assault gimmick, cause civilian casualties to be a purpose with the oldest rate, often be armed in the area of chaos caused by war such as Iraq personnel is used.

Ka Samusen says the Wei Luoni that lives around market of new A cloth merchant, she hears blare, subsequently whole building begins rock, "There are a lot of bodies on the street, the car is helping wounded person people bear down on hospital " .

The member that bureau of urgent office management coordinates the country Abodulesalamu confirms Mohammed · , explosion brings about many building to collapse to cause fire. A few eyewitness say, store of an around hospital, much home, bank and one place parking lot are damaged.

Most victim is a female

Abodulesalamu affirms, rescuer " already discovered 118 bodies from inside rubble... because still have a few clastic rock,have not carry away, dead number may lift further " . The member that a Reuter reports sees, at least 10 bodies are ulterly changed because of calcination.

According to Abodulesalamu's view, 56 people are injured in assault. Pamu Ayouba of spokesman of downy state governor confirms, major victim is a female.

Nigeria president Gudeleke Jonathan issues statement 20 days, condemn charger " cruel and evil " . Statement says: "The government is sturdy and affirmatory, will win the battle that fears instead, the government won't succumb at the enemy... of violence threaten. The government won't succumb at the enemy... of violence threaten..

Jonathan announces to adopt multinomial act to chase charger at the same time, include to bring lake of Chad of border land of a northeastern ministry into play to carry out the multilateral force of the task.

Chad lake spans Niger of city of Nuo of Nigeria rich Er, neighbour, Chad and Cameroon, extreme armed personnel often is in cross the boundary illegally of catchment of lake of Chad of the by after launching assault is fugitive, avoid chase. Multilateral force goes composition of military strength of a battalion each by these 4 countries.

Police points to continuously " rich division bethel "

Although still have no an organization to allege,make raid, but Nigeria police and not little media are maintained, latter in the Buddhist nun north is mixed mid the extreme that makes raid many cases is organized " Bo Kesheng ground " suspicion is the biggest.

"Rich division bethel " go up 14 days month to kidnap in Bo Ernuo city about 200 schoolgirls, cau

se global media attention. Reuter thinks, if decide explosion of Qiao Silian annulus also is " rich division bethel " be, show this one extreme organizes action limits to already controlled the northeast area with weaker force to expand outwards from the government.

Many U.N. official confirms 20 days, nigeria government already applied for to the committee of a subordinate of U.N. Security Council, " rich division bethel " include horrible org

anization list.

If the 15 governor state of Security Council did not put forward to object, the application of Nigeria respect will win approval at 22 days and become effective. Normally the circumstance falls, security Council will be right " blacklist " medium constituent member carries out asset to freeze, weapon embargo and prohibit the punish such as the journey.

Additional, nigeria parliament is approved 20 days, in " rich division bethel " city, city agreement shellfish mixes the northeast Boernuo with frequent activity the city lengthens Adamawa critical condition 6 months.


Beijing of China News Service on March

8 report (Dong Guanyang Li Xiaoyu) miss couplet event in the light of plane of airliner of Ma Hang MH370, the latest news that Chinese sea police station releases 8 days says, already dictated the Chinese sea that executing the mission around alarm boat, drive toward the likelihood instantly wreck maritime space, preparation executes rescuing mission.

8 days of before dawn, 777 planes lose a Boeing that Malaysia airline flies to Chinese Beijing by kuala lumpur contact.

According to the information that this airline releases, 227 passengers that come from 1

4 countries and area and 12 unit member are shared on machine, among them Chinese passenger 154 (contain a baby, ) of passenger of Taiwan of a China.

Recommend read: Ma Hang announces accident plane waybill and citizenship detail: 154 Chinese

Ma Laiguan just denies airliner of Ma Hang MH370 already the message of crash


In report will occupy new network on Septemb

er 3 association of Japanese send out (NHK) report, local time 3 days afternoon 4:24, county of Japanese wood produces 5.2 class earthquake. Focus deepness is 10 kilometers about, of short du
ration does not have risk of seismic sea wave.


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