Flu of Burmese armour H1N1 affects a number 51 people among them 10 people die

Burmese sanitation and sports ministry are reported 30 days, up to that day, number of virus of flu of armour of infection of Burmese whole nation H1N1 thinks truly 51 people, among them 10 people die.

According to the bulletin, will come on July 21 30 daytime, the person that affect hospitalization because of virus of serious respiratory tract 182 people, among them virus of flu of armour of 51 people infection H1N1. Appear this the Qin Bang that the area of epidemic situation of armour H1N1 flu basically is the province that admire light a

nd northwest ministry.

After this epidemic situation of armour H1N1 flu appears, burmese sanitation and sports ministry remind the people the attention is on guard, if appear flu symptom should instantly nearby accepts treatment to medical establishment.


ity edits: Ji Wei dimension


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