Flower intermediary: Meal group is stared at on of Chinese swift and violent growth ” lone ” economy

England ” financial times ” the new a magic weapon that the article will say to chain of a chaffy dish had China to attract lone deadbeat on August 13: Big toy is ursine. The businessman expresses, this action conduce reduces alone feeling of the client. This highlights Chinese mouth metabolic trend is ecbolic already and conspicuous

this kinds of many deadbeat, the businessman seizes the business chance that this kind of change brings hard in succession.

The data of farsighted international of advisory enterprise Europe shows, since 2012, the adult that China lives alone already grow in quantity 16% , achieve 77 million, and hopeful was added 2021 to 92 million. Drive in wealthy town, chinese more and more defer marry the age. Be in Shanghai, average age already added female head marriage 27 years old from 2011 to 30 years old. Because go 10 years to come to China,divorce rate already rose one times, marital duration already also shortened.

Demography home thinks, chinese of ten million of a move in chess or a movement in wushu of sexual unbalance imply or will forever lone. Data of Bostonian advisory group shows, nowadays China the urban population of 16% lives alone. What be accompanied with this trend photograph and come is the view with single to maintaining people already produced far-reaching change, lone idea suffers bad-mouth no longer. This is meant lone person him repast, him travel, oneself undertake all sorts of activities.

Businessmen are this kind to already waited for the trend that the country has appeared to make response in day Han. A few enterprises roll out smaller electric meal Bao, oven and jug for Chinese lone population only, china had ruffian red-letter day. Compare with married personage photograph, single person visits relative with family unlikely or shop together, prefer to go sightseeing however and experience the culture of travel destination.

The profession sells outside food also benefit from benefit from this kind of lone trend. Data shows, sale of Chinese this industry grew 44% last year. Some is large outside sell service provider to express, its sale grows 127% first half of the year this year. This company spokesman says, single person wants rarely oneself cook. Another the tycoon sells to express outside the home, the order of 65% comes from single client, among them snack most accept single c

lient favour, lone crowd is our mainest customer.

Inside Chinese snack inn and convenience inn, everywhere of lone nowadays deadbeat is visible, but more high-grade dining-room attracts them very hard, because be in China,one person has a meal still good do not say Orphean. (Shangmuhan takes an examination of a gram)

Original title: Flower intermediary: Meal group stares at on of Chinese swift and violent growth ” lone ” economic responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin


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