Ma Sike: “Dragon

In new network report reported 6 days according to Russia satellite network on January 6, company of technology of American space exploration (SpaceX) president Yilongmasike expresses, dragon – 2 new-style airship will enter the space at blasting off with unmanned mode at the beginning of Feburary, head for international space to stand.

Local time on August 13, 2018, american California Hawthorne, spaceX company headquarters and rocket factory hold media to open day of activity, exposure of interior of dragon airship simulator, the cabin inside airship has the design feeling that a kind of luxurious litter runs quite.

Personage of messag

e of domain of Russia rocket spaceflight this is forward satellitic news service expresses, dragon – 2 airship former on January 17 head for what international space stands to blast o

ff to already adjourned at present to the end of January.

Ma Sike is pushing go up especially write: Date of distance dragon ‘ test-fly of orbit of manned airship first time (nobody drive mode) still go a month.

News agency of Xiang Weixing of other information personage weighs domain of Russian rocket spaceflight, american aerospace bureau also is one of beautiful government orgnaizations that close temporarily at present, this brings about aerospace to explore technical company dragon – the brigade that space of international of first time of 2 new-style airship stands adjourns.

American aerospace bureau ever expressed before this, dragon – first time of 2 manned airship blasts off with unmanned mode former on January 17, 2019. The flight holding a person that this airship heads for international space to stand first on June 2019.

Original title: Ma Sike: “Dragon – 2 ” airship general with nobody after a month mode head flying responsibility edits: Jiang Xiaobin