France: Municipal reform resistance is heavy political situation is queasy force of test government public letter

To dragon of French president mark, in the past became him 2018 so far a political career is most hard year. Although in recent years all previous president assumes office hind supportive rate glides necessarily, had become the normal state in French politics modes of life and relation to their environment, but what everybody did not think of is, get the better of with the supportive rate of 66.1% anthology, what its belong to a political party to hold 308 banquet to become the biggest party in the parliament, flange on the west the youngest presidential mark dragon on history of the 5th republic, in a year half hind support is led remnant is insufficient two into. In the New Year speech 2019, mark dragon reiterated he will continue to advance the determination of reform, appeal the people supports reform.

Municipal reform resistance is heavy

French society faces a lot of dilemma currently, the people reforms the mark dragon of catchword to express great expectations to hallooing originally, the hope seeks a change. After assume office, mark dragon also begins to cash really the commitment that when entering into an election contest, makes, strong pursued a series of reform, involve a lot of field such as proposed law of duty Wu, labor, state-owned railway, for French economy new infuse vigor. However, although reform obtains certain positive result, but from ordinary people angle for, fail the bonus that personal feeling is brought on enough horse by reform. On the other hand, rate of French obtain employment is added fast put delay apparently, people purchasing power fails to get effective promotion, oil price rises continuously wait to a series of negative effects following sb’s heels and come, social unsatisfactory is rising with each passing day. And the tough stance in because be in,pursueing reform process, and the profit that moved different estate, also let mark dragon be hit by public opinion time of wealthy person president this presidential label, popular wishes support leads take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly.

Current, the activity of yellow waists-coat demonstrate that causes world attention still continues in French churchyard. Interior minister Kasidanei discloses France, the activity of demonstrate of the 8th round of yellow waists-coat that held yesterday shares about 50 thousand person to participate in in French whole area, the number increases somewhat than on one round of demonstrate. According to French media coverage, second demonstrate is here medium, more than 10 remonstrant bumps with a forklift break the one point that is located in Paris front door of building of French government office, destroyed two cars in the courtyard to smash the glass of window of a few buildings, the Geliwo of French government spokesman that handling official bussiness inside the building and his group is forced to withdraw from back door. The expert thinks, although protest number and dimensions photograph relatively had dropped considerably when peak, but with respect to eye antecedent condition looks, participation staff all is strong element, if its appeal to,beg cannot get be settlemented effectively, protest the period of time that demonstrate will still comparative continuously, and persistent remonstrant activity also will be stabilized to French society cause huge negative effect, to mark dragon government be in office ability also is stern test.

Political situation is queasy force of test government public letter

Recently, of mark dragon before bodyguard shellfish accept helps the central point that makes French media attention again. When entering into an election contest oneself, rise, beinala works with respect to the security of dragon of responsible all the time mark, because be in,51 labor day were beaten up to protest a personage in the kinescope of a paragraph of from mouth to mouth of the portion in May 2018, beinala by expulsive the Elysee Palace. This scandal headaches greatly when season mark dragon, the outside criticizes him to handle this beside the person’s rate is too slow,

and the supportive rate that this one incident also yields mark dragon glides continuously. According to law intermediary report, bei Na pulls the near future to begin to work in African country with the identity of presidential emissary actually, during before continueing to use, holding a post, use at diplomatic passport of the job. Once this matter is announced, cause a mighty uproar in French home immediately, although the Elysee Palace makes a statement immediately,deny this matter, but French senate board of inquiry publishs announcement, requirement president government office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Home Office, make an explanation to diplomatic passport belong to the same organization still is being used after Beinala leaves his post.

Meanwhile, style of individual of mark dragon strong and proud disposition, also let a lot of the political circles old man that be valued originally or supports him in succession change sides in a war. Since its assume office, the politician that has had many heavyweight early or late resigned post, include go-between of the grand of interior minister division with French army as Piaierdeweiliye, close as mark dragon relation chief of the general staff, mark Long Zheng seat of government to enrage most the zoology environment of flourishing and Buddhist nun of unitive ministry minister, and sports minister Fuleisaier, and the Er of blessing of public relations director of its group also announced another of mark dragon close ally recently will leave his post in the end of this month. Analytic personage points out, afore-mentioned circumstances will naturally cause negative effect to the figure of mark dragon individual and its government, lack is in office the reform process one disaster after another that the government of experience also can let did not come.

Diplomacy is active but effects is very small

2018, mark dragon theres is no lack of on international arena the expression of bright look, a series of incident such as Europe are taken off to affect the moment of truth of European unifinication process in England, mark dragon offers multinomial measure, promote European Union reform, consolidate France regards Europe as the consequence of big country. In supportive whole world multilateral trade system of organization, climate changes to go up with Yi nucleus problem, mark dragon is approbated and uphold existing international order, show the inclination that takes on actively in driving global processing to change.

Be in with relevant on the bilateral relationship of big country, french scholar points out, mark dragon thinks the United States cannot be replaced, need has handled the relation with Telangpu. In the meantime, he also realizes should be all choice reservation on the table, because this should maintain the interest of France and Europe when facing the United States. Look in mark dragon, russia means some kind of risk to European safety admittedly, but be stabilized to safeguarding Europe and retain European mainland power for the balance, russia also is indispensable one annulus. Accordingly, in the past 2018, the big country such as Beijing of mark dragon and Telangpu, general leader is interactive again and again, add cent for its individual figure many, the international figure that also lets France and consequence got the promotion of certain level.

In the political modes of life and relation to their environment of western each country, politician is in municipal when encountering difficulty or resistance, often can search breach through diplomacy, contradict in order to dissolve home, strive for the people’s good impression. But, suffer be confined to the national power with current limited France, and European condition is queasy the consequence that cause glides, although mark dragon government goes out again and again in diplomatic domain action, but the effect that obtains on the intractable topic for discussion such as agreement of problem of nucleus of civil war of as close as France and European relation climate change, Syria, Iran is not apparent.

Send look 2019 become a conclusive year

Local time 4 days, french cabinet is held 2019 first the conference, focusing the reform process this year. The senior official such as Kasidanei of dragon of French president mark and French premier Philip, interior minister meets on the conference. Geliwo of French government spokesman says in the word of dragon of mark of the quote after ministerial meeting, must want to have further change. Geliwo appeals at the same time, the people should be participated in come in national debate, is n

ot to go into the street demonstrate. French media says, the reform 2019 weighs French government name a person for a particular job is Medical Protection of unemployed insurance, emeritus system, worker and officeholder reform etc, aim to save the expenditure of billions of euro.

Before this, mark dragon is in ever emphasized in New Year congratulatory message 2019, will continue to push the reform that conduces to flowing water of ameliorative civilian all living creatures making the same score, he still appeals the people holds hope to national future. Mark dragon emphasizes, hope France people does not want again escapism, because reducing workload impossibly while, earn more money; Perhaps reducing revenue while, raise pay, he appeals people accepts a change, because resent to the current situation, do not be willing to make a change again however, meet whats are changed. Mark dragon expresses, 2019 will be a conclusive year, hope France people does not invite him get into trouble, do not let alien feel France is a country that does not unite, the future that emphasizes a country can pass the effort that picks up solidarity and every people again to build only, appeal the people keeps patient. (reporter Huang Hao)

Original title: France: Difficulty crosses year will reform where to go responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin