Russian intermediary: ? Does ⑻ bilge Dong Pi of Tang Fan of expostulate with of discharge   ?

China is disregarded in Lithuania after the warning decides to allow Taiwan to establish a delegate to be in, the relation of this country and China worsens continuously.

Russia ” the viewpoint signs up for ” 11 days of reports say, last week, businessman of a Lithuania complains say, with the foreign trade that China had more than 10 years, import the goods of 100 container every year from China. Recently, the company ordered the goods of 2 container again. But content shedding company shows, they cannot finish custom to declare in China, because this cannot deliver goods to Lithuania.

The report says, chairman of association of Lithuanian China trade pulls De Weila dimension Qiu Si discloses, the experience of this businessman is not a case. At present many China supplier stops to offer goods to Lithuania. Chinese bank also begins those who decreased to be aimed at Lithuanian company to turn Zhang business. Below this kind of situation, lithuanian company’s only outlet goes to commodity have a change of luck of China namely li of haven that adds harbor or Poland, but this meeting brings about content to shed cost to increase.

The report still says, a few transnational corporation ever were warned, if not with Lithuanian company disengage, will prohibit its product exports Chinese market. Russia satellite news service says 11 days, lithuanian deputy minister of foreign affairs Aduomei

nasi claims 10 days, a few transnational corporation terminated the contract with Lithuanian supplier. This makes Lithuania very painful, because a lot of Lithuania enterprises are the supplier of European company. He still says, chinese government also reduced the commodity of contrary Tao Wan to export, the domain such as this food of contrary Tao Wan, medicines and chemical reagents, dress all influential. Lose cheap Chinese goods, lithuania will must buy to the United States or European Union with the price of 3 times.

Ever gave off before Lithuania by the message of Chinese market close the door on, wang Wenbin of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responded to on routine press conference at that time say, zhongfangyiguan handles affairs according to the regulation of

WTO. Lithuanian break faith with somebody, what the Xiang Zhongfang when flying in the face of neutral two countries establishs diplomatic relations makes political commitment, make on the world one in, harm Chinese state sovereignty and territorial integrity badly, initiate abominable precedent in the world, property is very abominable. We are determined defend state sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintain oneself core interest sturdily. (Liu Yupeng of reporter of our newspaper engage by special arrangement)

Original title: Russian intermediary: Lithuania imports commodity to become difficult from China, be forced to buy responsibility edition from beautiful Europe with 3 times price: Ceng Shaolin