Korea president Wen Zaiyin will absolve Piao Jinhui

On December 24, korea president Wen Zaiyin announces Piao Jinhui of the president before will be being absolved.

Han couplet company Korea of 24 days of cite is in office the party is collective message of personage of heart of kernel of party of the Democratic Party, korea president Wen Zaiyin decides Piao Jinhui of the president before be being absolved that day. Obtain Han Mingshu of absolved prime minister of the state before still having Korea at the same time. Ministry of Korea law Wu absolves juror to meet at be being held 21 days this month plenary session, discussed object of New Year amnesty, but Piao Jinhui of the president before including two and Li Mingbo. Nevertheless, wen Zaiyin absolves belong to the same organization of the president before two Korea to emphasize before this: Have to consider national consensus, should conduce to a countryman uniting.

According to Korea media coverage, healthy state of Piao Jinhui is exasperate, besides the chronic illness such as shoulder and lumbar disease, the near future still accepted dentistry and course of

mental health medical service to wait for cure. According to Han intermediary report, dental condition of Piao Jinhui has worsened cannot chew alimental degree, unstable condition also is in on spirit. Piao Jinhui is in since November 22 a hospital accepts an Er cure.

Piao Jinhui does government affairs because of be suspected of a trus

ted follower from March 31, 2017 after be being detained, up to already will be locked up continuously on December 24 1730 days, be up to now the president before a Korea with the longest time of serve a sentence. (Zhang Yun)

Original title: Responsibility edits Piao Jinhui of the president before Korea president Wen Zaiyin will absolve: Ceng Shaolin