Leg of time of the game in 2019msi season examines video of match of championship Fw Vs Vega to answer in real time put

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May 6, 2019 is the championship in 2019MSI season the 5th day when be seleted contest, there was the competition of FW Vs VEGA on May 6, the game of this field BO5 is final it is FW with 3:1score conquer VEGA, successful promotion arrives in 2019 season of championship surpassing level. Below 99 stand-alone network is small make up video of match of FW Vs VEGA of the championship in bringi

ng 2019MSI season for everybody, look together.

Video of match of FW Vs VEGA of the championship in 2019MSI season answers put: Click watch

Match of FW Vs VEGA of the championship in 2019MSI season reviews

LMS competion area is in the international match that goes a few years combat gains is not quite good, make many star players leave in succession, FW battle group is in resting also was to lose a few high-ranking officers during contest. Their recruit Korea bishop drills and in wild combination, undertake what change blood greatly recombine, as a result of the communication problem of the team, FW does not calculate bright look in the expression in groovy contest. But they are strengthened quickly in phase of the contest after season adjust, the team called driving offensive smoothly, the competion area that obtained unprecedented the 7 achievement that connect a coronal.

The Ji Zhongguan in this army in Sai Shouxiu, FW is right blast VEGA of the strongest a dark horse, VEGA uses battle array of their black science and technology to took the lead in taking first minutes. But be in 3 bureaus match is subsequently medium, FW was found very quickly answer strategy, they with in wild active linkage, and the tacit understanding of next roads cooperates, make economic difference smoothly, let be chased after 3 win fell to surpassing a qualification. Brand-new FW compared with hit more sedately before, and young player is red-blooded, they hope to be in this second international match

, the honor of recover LMS competion area.

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