Who can win finals of the eastpart part of Nba of fierce dragon hart alphabetical elder brother heart of He Laiang accept who is stronger

Who can win finals of the eastpart part of Nba of fierce dragon hart alphabetical elder brother heart of He Laiang accept who is stronger

On May 16, final of NBA the eastpart part will pull open opening. The final of the eastpart part this year did not have knight and Kaierte the person’s form, lai holds the fierce a surname that Na Deling bears, hart that alphabetical elder brother leads high, organic meeting creates the history, enter total final arena.

Alphabetical elder brother and calories of small obverse side are right definitely

It is early during groovy contest, to contend for buy of first place of a list of names posted up of the eastpart part, hart and fierce dragon hassle 4, former obtain 3 get the better of 1 negative. Encounter in final of the eastpart part nowadays, two teams need to be in victory or defeat gives definitely inside 7 matches at most, contend for entrance ticket of a piece of total final. Do not give an accident, heart of A of alphabetical elder brother asks Kun Bo and Laiangnade’s play, the trend that decides whole set is surpassed.

Although attendant go up the position is different, but it is team husband star together, alphabetical elder brother is the barometer of hart whole condition, calories of small more fierce dragon is in attack the pillar that prevents two end.

Pure the data that compares two people, the competition ground after Gebensaijiji all receives the letter 4.4 11.3 27.4 cent, backboard, secondary attack, hit the target rate for 52.6% ; Lai holds accept heart field high to all get 3.6 8.5 31.8 cent, backboard, secondary attack, hit the target rate for 53.9% , both sides divides almost the same scarcely.

But in light of concrete analysis, hart all did not encounter too dogged resistance in first-run, semifinal, no matter be magic,still be Kaierte person, did not force a the strongest letter elder brother; With the semifinal of 76 people, fierce Long Ying gets special alarmingly dangerous, laiangnade is grabbing if not chirp of middling pressure of order of 7 big fight is killed absolutely, those who stand before hart is probable it is 76 people, laiangnade’s play already cannot more outstanding.

Rested before final of the eastpart part considering hart near a week, fierce dragon is adjusted between two climate only, the hart hopeful that alphabetical elder brother leads is occupied in final of the eastpart part first machine.

Fierce dragon of excel of ply of hart battle array

Fierce dragon is a first-rate team, they have the player of before a NBA 5, also be a highly disciplined team at the same time, you can be hit in planted agent and ext

erior line, still increased mark to add Suo Er in center position. In hart player Buluogedeng looks, adversary makes do very hard really, but the longing that pair of total champion issue on hart, will make team advance ceaselessly.

Without doubt, alphabetical elder brother and Middleton are the very core of this hart, in the past a few sports season, they had experienced the trough of team, to be adjusted with new teammate, they gave the effort with adv unim

aginably alien. If team can enter total final, will be to dream to come true. Buluogedeng hopes to wait for teammate one case with Bulaidesuo, help letter elder brother enters the arena of total final.

Inside fierce dragon team, besides Laiangnade and Xiyakamu, have many not stable factors, especially the semifinal with 76 people, volt rises and fall since the expression of the person such as Luo Rui, Yibaka, small Jiasuoer, face integral actual strength nowadays the hart with stronger, more reasonable battle array, whether can Lai have helper come out boldly beside Angnade, still be unknown.

Under photograph comparing, the line of hart full back that no matter be Bulaidesuo, Qiao Zhixi,Er, Buluogedeng forms, still be the Miluodiji of planted agent, Luopeisi, can encounter the take charge of a department alone when the trouble in alphabetical elder brother, Middleton, add hart advocate of handsome Budenghuoerze face attemper, hit in two teams when be inextricably involved, triumphal balance or ply of deflection battle array deeper hart.

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