Henan exceeds to build line of business in 2

Beijing time on August 9 20: 35, league matches exceeds the 23rd round in, henan builds course of study to be in advocate meet the Beijing support of the people that call in head-on, because nautical stadium is in area rain situation,pass big, field has more seeper, after be handled through the staff member, benchangbi surpasses bully of a hour after delaying. First half condole shoots Diaopu slant piece, ka Lan adds head to be attacked, yi Woyuan shoots excommunicate; The second half just began burst open the door of Chen Jie long shot, subsequently Ao Hande plunges into excommunicate help to build course of study to precede once more, du Wenyang accumulates two pieces of yellow shop signs to be punished end, full-court match advocate juridical Zhang Lei is attacked show 10 yellow 1 red, build support of the people of conquer of owner field 2-1 finally.

Build course of study to go up round of guest field negative Yu Taida, but because be opposite,group of the battle that maintain level is maintaining relatively substantially advantage, team whole atmosphere still more active, epicycle is in advocate field is right blast demote division team, zhou Dingyang and lift a ban of Han a small room reappear to also be helpful for team carrying brace up in hind field stability, the situation that builds line of business is relatively favorable, advocate field imposing manner and enthusiasm are the apparent advantage that grab cent. On support of the people annulus make the same score in guest field battle be in together demote the beautiful million course of study of the area, terminative 8 be defeated to also avoid end to face more adverse direction to develop at the same time repeatedly, but apparently, the support of the people by mat of integral a list of names posted up was to miss the

opportunity that improves a condition directly more, support of the people still lags behind beautiful million course of study 3 minutes, still lag behind protect class area 4 minutes, the real cause of epicycle still is to avoid to drop out ahead of schedule. Person of field of before this sports season 11 guests and 2 smooth 9 lose (into 6 balls, lose 26 balls) , must reflect piece erupt force just magnifies likely the hope that grab cent. Sports season builds colleague of 0-1 of field of owner field 1-0, guest and each other to have success or failure on, originally engage in a battle of bout of sports season head builds support of the people of conquer of 2-1 of field of guest of course of study. Before this sports season 10 advocate build line of business 4 get the better of 2 smooth 4 negative (into 13 balls, lose 15 balls) .

Although the match is able to undertake, but water of field measure of land still very serious. The 2nd minute, horse of position of forbidden zone west costal region gets stuck so that ball left foot smokes to shoot on the west, dozen defending a bottom line is played on player body. The 4th minute, aohandeza is in contend for the authority that grab a ball to carry from time to tome with Luo Xin crural movement, match of the full-court that be shown fizzles out the first piece card. The 7th minute, field place builds course of study to break a ball to grow forth directly in pass, the Kalanjia inside forbidden zone swings a head to attack the door, be flown to block the ball by Mou Peng. Build opportunity of corner kick of course of study, corner kick leaves come out to be flown to dissolve the ball by Mou Peng again. The 10th minute, wrong way of the field before the team that build line of business fills in continuously, the road in blocking Lan Jia to take horizontal stroke of reserve forward position to pass is kicked

to go out by person and team member, yi Wo must part right way after the ball again, the horizontal stroke knocks Aohandeza on the right side of forbidden zone in road, kalanjia hits the door to be blocked to go out again, yi Wo forbidden zone is left greet a ball low shoot excommunicate, 1-0 of the team that build line of business is obtained banner.

Undertake as the match, because there still is seeper inside field, rubber ball falls can stop inside puddle, without tactics of too much ability but character. The 13rd minute, person and out-of-bounds give penalty area in, diaopu is nodded before head ferries, the Maxika before the door makes the door by A cloth outside force is sealed block a bottom line up. Person and subsequently successive twice corner kick is built course of study is destroyed. The 19th minute, support of the people continues to attack, hind field is long pass bottom line be givinged by Lu Yao rescue sb from a siege, person and corner kick leave come out, head attacks Ludiaopu in door top slanted. The 28th minute, when wrong way of the field before Du Wenyang carries a ball, sui Dong land falls down slippery shovel turns over Du Wenyang shovel in the ground, advocate the judgment is broken to fruit of Sui Dong land show yellow shop sign. Person and placement opportunity, placement leaves before giving the door, district head attacks the door in, Zuo is confiscated in ball of door line admiral almost. Complain pushball to had crossed door line along with later generations and player, advocate the signal after the judge has let VAR opinion does not have a problem.

The 32nd minute, person and out-of-bounds give out, the periphery after Diaopu grabs a ball is left and direct make the door, slant a goal. The 33rd minute, kalanjia takes ball right way to fill in continuously forth, liu Jian destroys a bottom line. Build corner kick of right way of course of study to leave piece, be destroyed by Luo Xin. The 38th minute, the substitution that build line of business is adjusted, du Changjie changes Zhong Jinbao. The 42nd minute, maxika breaks a ball to cause Du Changjie to foul, latter has yellow card. The 45th minute, build offensive of the field before course of study, ao Hande is plunged into the ball is answered knock, ka Lan is added so that the ball is fouled by Chen Jie, build course of study to gain the free kick opportunity with admirable position. Yi Wo is direct one foot makes the door, beam of tower above of rubber ball in a way. The 48th minute, the field after Du Wenyang defends the shovel pours Aohandeza, the team that build line of business gains free kick opportunity, yi Wo holds a knife advocate punish, rubber ball is flown to by Mou Peng double boxing goes out. First half builds banner support of the people of 1-0 of course of study.

Easy edge of both sides of the second half again battle. Person and substitution are adjusted, xiang Hantian changes Zhu Baojie. The 47th minute, ball of curve of wrong way of the field before Maxika is passed in to the road in forbidden zone, contest of the Cao Yong before the door hits the door to was not come up against, the rescue sb from a siege that build line of business gave a bottom line. The team member that build line of business gives ball rescue sb from a siege penalty area, outside Chen Jie forbidden zone in Lu Yingqiu be high up in the air is smoked shoot, rubber ball hangs goal top right corner continuously, one foot Jing is colourful 4 long shot burst open the door, person and 1-1 break even score. The 51st minute, kalanjia takes a ball to be encroached, the field before building course of study to obtain is left free kick opportunity, yi Wo advocate punish placement to leave give penalty area, sui Dong land is contended for the a bitth ferry, subsequently Ao Hande plunges into below the circumstance that defends in nobody one foot to push shoot relaxed burst open the door, through advocate judgment and VAR communication affirm the goal is valid, ao Hande is plunged into score individual sports season the 10th ball, the 2-1 that build line of business precedes once more!

The 53rd minute, large reserve launchs attack in Han Tianchuan of different side direction, diaopu is answered do, the door is made after Cao always is cast off continuously in contest forbidden zone, in a way slants piece. The 54th minute, leave it at that is grabbed on Nizamuding Yi Wo had yellow card. The 59th minute, person and player Du Wenyang hold back Lu Yao to foul have the 2nd piece of yellow card, two yellow change one red the end that be punished, person and advocate handsome Garcia field edge mood is very excited, malcontent judgment is sentenced punish. The 63rd minute, du Changjie fouls, give the field before support of the people is obtained chance of left free kick, the a bitth player be defendinged is destroyed. The 66th minute, person and substitution, liu Bo Yang changes Nizamuding. The 66th minute, the door is made after Ma Xi gets stuck so that the ball reduces reserve, be confiscated by door general without force.

The 71st minute, liu Bo silvers coin to foul to Kalanjia, give the placement that build line of business the chance, left free kick gives the field before Yi Wo penalty area, , be carried on the head the ball to go out by Diaopu. Build corner kick of right way of course of study to leave piece, head attacks Kalanjia a top became tall. The 73rd minute, field of hind of support of the people is long pass, ma Xi gets stuck division of ball large reserve is left and directly to make the door, Zuo attacks the ball. The 76th minute, yi Wo drives straight in to be laid by Xiang Hantian, xiang Hantian has yellow card. Yi Wo placement leaves go out to be flown off to attack rescue sb from a siege by Mou Peng. The 80th minute, conflict produces on field, after Zhou Dingyang rings in juridical chirp, played the ball at the same time, caused the dissatisfaction of person and player, subsequently Luo Xin and Zhou Dingyang produce verbal conflict, the Ka Lan in the disorder adds mediate to be overturned to be in the ground, zhang Lei of after this judgment parts to Zhou Dingyang, luo Xin, cao Yong contest shows yellow shop sign.

The 86th minute, support of the people gains an opportunity, head attacks Diaopu the door by Zuo attacks, pass the point after the ball arrives along with what wheeler gets stuck on the west, body of Fu of Cao Yong contest develops a top by Zuo is dissolved. The 89th minute, build substitution of course of study, ba Suoge changes Ao Hande to plunge into. When the second half fills 6 minutes. The 91st minute, after the Ba Suoge that the reserve comes on the stage gets a ball, just cast off continuously, left foot is smoked shoot beam of tower above of in a way. The 92nd minute, yi Wo forbidden zone is left in after be being broken through forcibly, be being passed, by rescue sb from a siege of line of collect Xin door. The 93rd minute, ba Suoge gets hurt to be carried to come on the stage by litter outside. Match of ultimate all those present ends, build support of the people of conquer of owner field 2-1.

Hair of both sides head reachs substitution:

Henan builds 17- of course of study Zuo ; Han Xuan of land of Sui Dong of Chen Hao of 27- Lu Yao, 25- , 21- , 4- ; 30- Zhong Jinbao (40 7- Du Changjie (U23) ) , 13- outside force (83 3- Zhang Wentao) , 29- Yi Wo (C) , 8- Zhou Dingyang; 14- Ao Hande is plunged into (89 10- Ba Suoge) , 37- blocks Lan Jia;

Did not enter the court reserve: 19- is regnal bright; 7- Du Changjie (U23) , Ma Xingyu of 22- Long Wei, 23 Wang Fei, 28- ;

Peking Man and: 23- Mou Peng flies; 29- Buddhist nun plunges into Mu Ding (66 3- Liu Bo is foreign (U23) ) , Duwen of Liu Jian of 4- Luo Xin, 17- , 2- is foreign; Zhu Baojie of 15- Chen Jie, 11- (45 16- Xiang Hantian) , abstruse Gu Si holds 8- in the palm (exert of 68 22- horse) ; Card of 7- Ma Xi, 9- contest of Cao Yong of Diaopu, 20- (U23) ;

Did not enter the court reserve: 19- Liu Peng, 14- Wang Xuanhong, 26- Zhang Yufeng (U23) , 36- Shao Shuai (U23)

Original title: Exceed in - Aohandeza gets the better of wave of world of bureau Chen Jie to build 2-1 of course of study to get the better of person and responsibility editor surely: Li Xiaoling