Zhang Kangyang of Su Ning Zhang Jindong’s son is elected as ECA trustee to become European football high level

Zhang Kangyang of Su Ning Zhang Jindong’s son is elected as ECA trustee to become European football high level

Beijing time is late on September 10, association of European football club (European Club Association, abbreviation ECA) on congress, andelieanieli of Chairman Youwentusi connects preside, and Zhang Kangyang of chairman of international Milan club is appointed to be ECA trustee, became this to organize the first to be appointed to be the Chinese of trustee. So far, as 5 big league matches history go up chairman of the youngest club, zhang Kangyang is become with cling to CEO of Jill of general manager of Chairman Sa Batuomeiwu, Ma Jing, graceful couplet the Europe such as Woodward is big the associate that fellow travels together side-by-side.

ECA held water 2008, it is current the exclusive organization of club of Europe of delegate of approbatory of Europe sufficient couplet in European rights and interests, although ECA is not the branc

h below banner of Europe sufficient couplet, but its have extensive force in European football, be organized in European match and is the speech that comparative to counterpoise on interest allocation, zhang Kangyang can be elected this, have far-reaching sense to international Milan and even meaning armour.

Zhang Kangyang took sb’s place Milanese CEO increases Qidisi’s position, be elected successfully hold appoint, give such position a so young governor, ECA was to pass apparently cogitative. Investigate its reason, zhang Kangyang is entered advocate after international Milan, the club closes from battalion of athletics achievement, commerce, the respect such as brand promotion obtained effects steadily, guide in his below, international Milan begins to walk up benign the revive way that can develop continuously. End of the sports season on for example, international Milan rushs into value of the Ou Guan, handicap that casts off FFP agreement successfully at the same time, club the 2nd year to go up continuously it is Yue Juou more continent first place of all football club.

Now summer turn on meeting market a series of operation, take a handsome Anthony Ao Kongdi, introduce the Lukaku, Ge Ding, top class player such as Sangqiesi, innocently the sword points to the determination of battle array of E

uropean highest honor, aeriform between also also brought an influence to European football situation, do not cause the attention of ECA very hard.

Although there are 28 years old only this year, but Zhang Kangyang of no less than is in take office as a country say on the congress of rice chairman in that way: Zakebaige (Facebook author) with Masike (tesla author) make clear successfully, young not be the obstacle that gains a success absolutely. From small, zhang Kangyang gets the influence of spirit of entrepreneur of father Zhang Jindong, see in commercial hole, play decision is photogenic relatively at compeer young entrepreneur is more mature, of course, in this little not acceded the adventurer spirit of father Zhang Jindong. The Zhangkang that is graduated from Ni Yada of famous guest evening standard to learn economy to fasten is in relief, before holding the position of international Milan chairman, already in the administrative job that materiality ground shared Su Ning group to buy Milan of international of Jiangsu Shun Tianhe.

Actually, after holding the position of international Milan chairman, italian media ever supported wait-and-see attitude to this youth that comes from China, but the revive way that he does not lose moderate government to manage strategy to let international Milan neatly appeared the turning point of be obvious to all, so far, zhang Kangyang asks for the Italian media that took Yan Ke, fan and public.

Regard the first Chinese as trustee, the heartland that Zhang Kangyang will be in European football club, all sorts of general affairs of football of Europe of bring into contact with, what participating in higher administrative levels is decision-making in accumulate more administrative experience. What he himself says no less than in that way: I believe ECA can accept new blood and new think of a way, and I also am certain, oneself can make contribution in this domain.

Some closer year come, in European economy stagnant big setting falls, chinese force became the force of a new fighting spirit of European football gradually. And Zhangkang appoints in reliefly also is European football actually approbate to a kind of Chinese force. The country of meaning armour the wolf team of rice, Ying Chao, on the west the ability that the success of the team such as the Spaish of armour also proved to Chinese enterprise is managing European football club to go up.

Competing for instance intense Ying Chao, revive advocate wolf team obtains the beautiful accomplishment of the 7th to the first sports season after exceeding, be next to Ying Chaochuan all 6 strong, reduce issue of the league matches that enter Europe. And entered 2016 in answer star group advocate before, wolf team mixes league matches of mark flower coronal all the year round, strong exceed all up, but the team that dread of one Zhi Ranghao door made inside 3 years. Chinese force turns round the operation ability of heaven and earth to cared about armour, Ying Chao to get reflecting. Su Ning is among them example. Buy a nation oneself since rice, su Ning help helps a club walk out of finance difficult position quickly not only, also help team be on athletics achievement regain the right path, hit two years into Ou Guanzheng to surpass continuously. In renascence of help country rice while, su Ning also relies on a country wisdom of whole world of rice IP layout is retail domain, commerce of the Europe in promoting communicates.

After be elected, zhang Kangyang expresses: European club has tremendous latent capacity in the Asia, its glamour should serve to pay close attention to the fan of our match and their enthusiasm at millions. I believe, we can make contribution to establish the tie that Asia-Europe economy, culture develops.

In future, country the connection of rice and China will more close, the connection of European club and China also is met more close. What can foreknow is, european club will have stronger presence to feel in China, and the opportunity that the advanced experience of the European football that its bring also offers the progress that gives China the football more train of thought and development.

Original title: Zhang Kangyang is elected as ECA trustee! European football high level will have Chinese force responsibility to edit: Li Xiaoling