Dong Guojian runs 28 seconds! Achieve Chinese marathon the 2nd good achievement

Dong Guojian runs 28 seconds! Achieve Chinese marathon the 2nd good achievement

29 days, berlin marathon left as scheduled 2019 run, although Jipuqiaoge did not take part in the match, but the match this year still suffers fully fix eyes upon. Wait for numerous abroad famous general besides Beikele, oil of Dong Guojian, Peng Jianhua, canal gets the better of those who wait for numerous China player to take part in the match, the person that let China run pays close attention to the Berlin marathon this year all the more.

Final, beikele of legend famous general with 41 seconds strong gain the championship

, the world record that is apart from Jipuqiaoge to was created last year needs 2 seconds only. Dong Guojian of Chinese marathon famous general is over with 28 seconds contest, while the success amounts to mark Tokyo Olympic Games, created history of Chinese man marathon the 2nd good achievement, be apart from record of retentive from Ren Longyun whole nation to need 13 seconds only.

The target is specific

Go to Berlin to develop Olympic Games qualification

Dong Guojian, Peng Jianhua a two people are Chinese track team originally, the life of track and field that has first half of the year this year on trials of project of marathon of bright and beautiful contest, they and Duobujie obtain what world bright and beautiful surpasses to take part in the match together qualification. Nevertheless, this Ci Shijin contest and Berlin marathon bump period, two people abandon world bright and beautiful finally surpassing, the choice plays circuit requirement accepted profit is better, good at creation the Berlin marathon of achievement, for qualification of Tokyo Olympic Games battle.

As the veteran that plays game of the Olympic Games, world bright and beautiful for many times, best achievement is Dong Guojian’s individual 2 hours 11 minutes 42 seconds, because marathon of Tokyo Olympic Games takes part in the match,the standard rises, dong Guojian need runs into 30 seconds in time limit, ability attends the Olympic Games, he does not want to miss this good opportunity accordingly. The hope can reach the level of Tokyo Olympic Games, this also meant oneself to defeat PB. Attend the Dong Guojian of Berlin marathon for the first time, the target that take part in the match is very specific.

According to introducing, to prepare for war the Berlin marathon this year, dong Guojian follows national group heads for Kenya assemble for training a many month, the time difference of Kenya and Berlin here more adjacent also, the word that come over pours time difference to also won’t have a problem. During assemble for training, dong Guojian ever still followed world record holder Jipuqiaoge trains together, fine of results of it may be said is much.

Amount to mark Tokyo

Achieve the 2nd good result of countrywide

After the match begins formally, dong Guojian, Peng Jianhua is shown not the form of common, maintain from beginning to end 20 come in the 10th. Half Cheng ends, 34 seconds when two average per capita are used. After 25 kilometers, peng Jianhua is dropped gradually fast, dong Guojian bites the 2nd group closely alone, final be over with 28 seconds contest.

On the history of Chinese man marathon, altogether has 3 people to had been run into 2 hours 10 minutes. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Gang Jun is in gained the championship in Beijing marathon 1997, and the record of achievement refresh whole nation with 18 seconds; 2007 Beijing marathon, firm in pairs of Ren Longyun, Han breaks countrywide record, former run 15 seconds, latter achievement is 56 seconds. Since then, athlete of Chinese man marathon also had not run into again, the distance still was 2008 the closest Xiamen marathon, deng Haiyang runs 43 seconds.

In the Xuzhou marathon this year May and diameter of much Ha Tian world bright and beautiful surpasses trials in, chinese player Duobujie wins championship with the achievement of

31 seconds, obtain contest of world bright and beautiful to take part in the match quota of people while, also created Chinese man marathon from the best achievement after 2008, chinese man marathon sees the hope that runs into again.

Be afraid everybody did not expect, originally the Dong Guojian that with amounting to individual of mark Olympic Games, creation best achievement is a target, heal in Berlin marathon Zhan Yuyong, obtain Tokyo Olympic Games successfully to take part in the match not only qualification, still created the history that is next to Ren Longyun to hold countrywide record the 2nd good achievement.

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