IG battle group with 1: 3 be defeated by total final of S9 of alliance of hero of FPX FPX promotion

Last night ” the hero is allied ” in S9 semifinal, IG battle group with 1: The achievement of 3 lost FPX battle group, FPX continued the myth with him inapproachable civil war, final of final promotion S9, hope they can carry off champion.

The first: FPX is gotten the better of

Early days both sides is at war frequent, in both sides wild develop somewhat, nevertheless FPX takes economy of below two small dragon banner 3K; Metaphase FPX uses eye shot advant

age to take next baron successfully, hold the road below the group in the arms to push a tower subsequently, IG inferior position chooses direct battle, because the result outputs difference too big, FPX relaxed group destroys right-hand seat bureau wins after IG!

The 2nd: IG is gotten the better of

Rhythm of auxiliary robot of early days FPX is outstanding, help team is finished for many times attack kill, economy is banner 2K of the other side; Metaphase IG is in a group to destroy next baron are taken after FPX in baron, inferior position is pulled to answer thor

oughly; Later period both sides is ceaseless big melee, the condition after each other has success or failure ankyloses as before; C of IG3 of great later period outputs explosion, final Lu Xi Anjiang opens Tai Tan to kill its second, ka Sha steals a failure, IG breaks even successfully score!

The 3rd: FPX is gotten the better of

Number of poll of early days both sides, economy keeps balance, balance of power very ankylose; Metaphase FPX is hit successfully instead frequently, output pulls Jiyana person of full successive second, below two round battle win continuously after FPX takes next baron, final and relaxed shift IG base, congratulation FPX grabs game ball!

The 4th: FPX is gotten the better of

Early days both sides is at war frequency hair, FPX is depended on exceed fast help speed is finished continuously hit instead, economy is banner 3K; In metaphase IG complementary make strong control of favorable balance of trade, angel is finished reap, the economy after IG takes next baron exceeds 4K instead; Later period both sides begins to spell round battle, IG is shown slightly impatient make error repeatedly, second of on the offensive of last round battle drops FPX angel, pursue and attack a group to destroy next contests win after IG continuously subsequently, congratulation FPX promotion final!

Original title: of FPX phoenix Nie! ” LOL ” S9 semifinal FPX3: Responsibility of successful promotion of 1 conquer IG edits: Ceng Shaolin