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 Communal circumstance takes the man secretly female skirt bottom is sentenced innocent say girl attitude exposes private parts

 Japanese heat is discussed relax " outside fatigue " topic society is little with each passing day child aged

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board,

romotion provide for the aged is taken

 Login register Hui Fangying of Piaojin of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian period fall carelessly profess: Can quiet leave (graph) origin: ? Heir Lian?2013-11-09 19:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] according to Korea " Korea daily " report, korea president Piao Jinhui is in visit flower during, local time 6 days answer Jifude invites Roger of mayor of London finance city attend late dinner, because guest benefit bodywork is tall

er, blue Han walks to take below the foot when getting off, bring about the body to fall ahead.

During plain Jin Hui Fangying trip, say from ridicule " dramatic enter " (Korea website cut pursues)

According to Korea " Korea daily " report, korea president Piao Jinhui is in visit flower during, local time 6 days answer Jifude invites Roger of mayor of London finance city attend late dinner, because guest benefit bodywork is taller, blue Han walks to take below the foot when getting off, bring about the body to fall ahead.

Korea blueness covers with tiles the stage publicizes Li Zhenxuan of chief secretary officer 7 days to express: "When Piao Jinhui's president reached late banquet place yesterday, because noodle of pluvial a way of escape is wet slippery, after the foot steps on Han to take skirt, fell. Place favour did not get hurt. " allegedly, the Jifudeli that receives Piao Jinhui wants to help before engrave, nevertheless Piao Jinhui already maintained the ground to stand, laughing to say at the same time: "Dramatic enter. " Piao Jinhui is right after late banquet ends mayor couple says: "This I can leave quietly. "This I can leave quietly..

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s Japanese gym shoes to be censured

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 The person that general Beijing says Wukelan suppresses hold a demonstration with armament makes a person flagrant (graph)



According to Taiwan Dong Senxin hears Yun Yuan to bring Indian media to report, in Xibusajiaer (Sibsagar) prefectural accept Qi La (Nazira) the Kendriya Vidyalaya of an administration school of the town, many 10 student when 4 days classes are over is taken receive send special to want to return the home, the upper part of the body is touched to divide unidentified gangster however in road, hold a gun hold sb under duress. At that time driver by threatening drive in the wallop between different dorp nearly 1 hour, the people ever also tried to bar in different spot during ca

r, but gunman firings for two ti
mes demonstrate.

Driver later brainwave easily, sail the car into gully card lives child, gangster situation is urgent under, pull the schoolgirl of a 2 class piece when hostage, the schoolgirl summer Ma of 8 grade sees shape jumps out immediately, volunteer to become hostage, be taken then hide into the forest; After a few hours, come to help to be arrived at eventually, "Hear the name that someone is making me, he fills in the gun into my mouth, say in a low voice ' fasten phonate, killed otherwise ' " .

Xia Ma says, oneself should hear the voice that father exclaims from time to tome, but cannot answer, after flounder changed conceal location, the gangster is indicated " stay in place to forbid to move, wait for me to come back " , she is asleep insensibly, when awaking already day break, the gangster also disappears, after she ran nearly half hours later, come up against other person eventually, end the 14 captivity of the hour, take off smoothly tired.

After the event, pleasant of benefit of long library of prefectural police station (Bijoy Giri Kuligam) point out, the gangster is Gu Li of Lu of Ceng Zaixi horse (Simaluguri) town and person affray, chase after after kill, after escaping to place simply school bus of hold sb under duress, catch Xia Ma to become a person fleshy shield, still be at large at present in dying.

Beautiful " science " magazine publication article calculates global population amount to by October 7 billion

 Holand singles out 1058 spark immigrant to await the person that choose all is " one-way airline ticket "


Italy is new 25 days of before dawn are in a government senate polls smoothly through accredit, sweep the one big obstacle on the road that is in office besides its.

After holding the post of Qi Yuben of premier human relations newly 22 days month to carry numerous ministerial minister to make a pledge to assume office, according to Italian law, new a government still must be passed ginseng, numerous the trustful and voting ability of two courtyards calculates formal base oneself upon. 24 days, lun Qi publishs administration to deliver a speech in senate, the detail problem that is in office with respect to future is the same as senator of each political parties and groups to undertake the spot argues, government of final Lun Qi is held with with 169 tickets, the outcome that 139 tickets object is successful pass a barrier, cleared away be in office the one big obstacle on the road.

25 days, lun Qi government still will accept the accredit of Boule to poll. What be in as a result of Lun Qi is medium left clannish the Democratic Party owns absolutely and most seat in Boule, poll through accredit theoretic unchallenged, and did not take absolutely and most seat as a result of this party in senate, need seeks other to combine clannish support, so new government polls through accredit in senate have conclusive sense, basically mean Lun Qi government to pass test already formally.

Lun Qi depicted the reform with a series of dye-in-the-wood great ambition to plan in senatorial administration speech, emphasize alluded to quicken reform, increase to obtain employment, improvement is taught and decrease the Italy such as duty the issue that current earnestly wants to solve. Lun Qi oath, will be in 2014 first half of the year with two digit fall reduce duty Wu burden. He points out at the same time, will come through Ital

ian state-owned bank debt of liquidate public sector, for small company the setting assures fund, will be school infrastructure construction to provide fund of billions of euro. Lun Qi says, he hopes to be in a series of omnibus judicatory reform were promoted before the portion in June 2014, back pay of gold of unemployed population welfare. According to Lun Qi's plan, a series of j
obs will be intense undertake, for instance new government will be revised at will completing electoral law and constitution in Feburary, will begin to solve obtain employment problem in March, will take administrative structural reorganization in April, will adjust taxation policy in May. Between the speech that day, lun Qi appeals senator people the new government that supports him, he says Italy is lying currently difficult period, native economy needs to walk out of predicament, anybody declines without excuse, if plan to fail, he bears one person consequence. (International is online reporter Zhang Guocheng)

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Authorization of the president that win a way establishs new government Lun Qi to will become Prime minister Hou Renxin


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